Watching last night’s Question Time truly horrified me. To see so many people livid with Jeremy Corbyn because he would not agree to “press the button” was extremely disturbing. The effects of nuclear war would be apocalyptic. He is renewing trident, but he will not say that he will send nuclear bombs to kill millions of people – instead he wants to work towards solving our problems by talking, not nuking. How can anyone have a problem with that? The whole thing reeks of total stupidity. Why is it so hard to understand that if the button has to be pressed then IT IS TOO LATE. Where has this obsession with nuclear war come from?!

It certainly seems that mass death and destruction is a fetish of the anti-Corbyn’s, considering the fact that Theresa May seemed more excited about the fact she gets to speak to Trump on the phone than she seemed angry at him backing out of the Paris climate agreement. Why didn’t she sign the letter to Trump, condemning his actions? Instead she simply expressed her disappointment. This is about the end of human life on this planet! A couple of days before Trump made his catastrophic decision, it was revealed that the huge crack in the Larsen C ice shelf has suddenly forked – this will lead to the Larsen C ice shelf losing 10% of its area soon (this could happen in the following weeks) and when the shelf breaks off it will “fundamentally change the landscape of the Antarctic peninsula”. Researchers suggest that the consequences of it splitting off could be huge. We NEED a leader who will stand up to a man who has just put our continued existence at risk, not a leader who holds his hand (literally) every step of the way.

Yes, it seems there were a lot of cowards in that audience last night. People too terrified to admit that climate change is real and an imminent threat and that the world leaders have a huge responsibility to try and slow down the effects that they caused in the first place. People petrified of the idea of seeking peace through words instead of anihalation through nuclear war. People horrified at the prospect of everybody getting an equal chance, which might lead to the proof that they have never been superior, harder working or more intelligent but that they are nothing but sad little people leading ignorant lives void of empathy, compassion and understanding. Is this what our country is made up of?! We should be ashamed.


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